The tax refund season can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because, if you get a tax refund, you’ll finally be able to get your money back from the IRS and/or your state. And a curse because of all the paperwork you need to file (and you may end up owing a lot of money).

Let’s focus on what happens if you have a refund coming your way. You file your return. Wait for the check to come in the mail. And it finally arrives!

Now what? Below we’ll look at how to cash a tax refund check. This will apply whether it’s a federal or state tax refund check. 

The good thing is that you have a number of different options. Here’s an overview of what those options are. 

How To Cash A Tax Refund Check

There are plenty of different ways to cash a tax refund check. The methods depend entirely on you.


The first and most common one is by going to your bank. If you have a bank account, you can cash your tax refund check deposit without paying an additional fee. 

However, not everyone has a bank account. If you don’t have one, you can still cash your tax refunds at banks. But they will likely charge you an additional fee to do this. It’s usually a pretty small fee. Probably less than $10. But it is money that will go to the bank instead of to you. 

Prepaid Cash Cards

Another way you can cash your tax refund check is through prepaid cash cards. These are basically like having a debit card without the need to get a bank account. (However, because of this, you have no protection if the card is stolen.)  

To place your tax refund check on a prepaid cash card what you need to do is simple. Just bring your tax refund check along with you when you will go to the retailer or business where you can load your prepaid card. 

Then deposit your tax refund into your card account. Sometimes, there are additional fees and interest charged. 

Check Cashing Business

You can also cash your tax refund check through check-cashing businesses. These businesses can be small retailers and grocery stores. 

Check-cashing businesses usually charge service fees. How much service fee will be charged will depend on the value of the tax refund check. Some of these businesses will charge a flat fee while others will charge a percentage of the check. 

Large Retailers

Large retailers also offer check-cashing services. These large retailers can be stores such as Walmart and Publix and others. 

Unlike the aforementioned small retailer cash-checking businesses, large retailer cash-checking businesses charge smaller fees. Usually under $10. 

For example, Wal-Mart has a flat fee of $3 for a check under $1,000. For a check between $1,000 and $6,000, the fee is $6. 

Friends and Family

Lastly, you can rely on your friends, family, or people you know to cash your tax refund check. If they have a bank account, then you can get it done. 

Endorse your tax refund check to that person by writing “Pay to the order of” with that person’s name on the back of the check. Then sign your name under the name of that person. 

After that, they will take your tax refund check and cash it. Then your friend will give you your money. 

These are only some of the ways to cash your tax refund checks. If you do have a bank account, the best way to get your tax refund is through a direct deposit. That will be the quickest way to get your refund.

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