Are you looking forward to receiving your tax return form check from your state this season? 

You may need to cash out your refund check for many reasons, one being if you don’t have a bank account. So, where can you cash a state tax refund return?

Often, fees for using a check-cashing service can be pretty expensive. So, this article will delve into your best options for cashing out a state tax refund check.

Where Can You Cash a State Tax Refund Return?

There are a variety of ways in which you can cash your state tax refund and your federal tax refunds. 

The locations we’ll discuss here include banks, check cashing businesses, large retail stores, supermarkets, and transaction apps.


First, banks are great options, because you can easily cash your refund check here. Moreover, you will usually not be charged a fee for this.

If you do not have a checking account, you can cash the check at any financial institution. Because you are not a customer, some banks will charge you a small fee for the service. 

The amount varies from bank to bank, but it is usually less than $10 in most cases. You could also use this check to open a free bank account and, by doing that, save money.

Check Cashing Businesses

Second, nearly every city and town has at least one check-cashing business. They specialize in providing payday loan and title loan services. 

You will be paid in cash, however, there is a check-cashing limit of up to $5,000 per transaction. Alternatively, some locations may also be able to deposit your funds onto a prepaid card.

Most stores charge between 2 percent and 3 percent to cash government-issued checks. On a $3,400 stimulus check, a family of four could pay a $102 (3 percent) or a $68 (2 percent) fee.

Large Retailers

Next, some large well-known retailers offer check-cashing services. Retailers such as Wal-Mart and Publix are examples of this. 

The fees charged by these establishments are usually significantly lower than those charged by a check-cashing establishment. 

For example, checks greater than $1,000 are subject to a maximum $8 fee. Because most stimulus checks are worth at least $1,200, be prepared to pay the $8 cashing fee. 

If your stimulus check is less than $1,000, you will only be charged a $4 processing fee.


Large balances like tax refunds can also be cashed at certain supermarkets. 

In many towns, the Kroger family of supermarkets with a Money Services desk may be your best bet. 

Supermarkets owned by the Kroger family can be found in various locations throughout the United States. At the stores listed above, you may only be able to cash check balances up to $5,000.

Transaction Apps

But what if you prefer cashing out from the comfort of your home?

You only need a smartphone with a functional camera and the PayPal app to complete the transaction (iOS or Android). 

The fee waiver is only applicable to stimulus checks, tax refunds, and pre-printed payroll checks, among other things. Each check must be under $5,000 to be cashed through PayPal.

Cash App is a well-known alternative to PayPal. As a newer app, Cash App does not have the extensive features that PayPal does. 

Ingo Money is yet another online check cashing service that allows you to access your funds in various ways.

And there you have it! Now you know some of the main ways you can cash a state tax refund return.

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