So, you received your federal tax return for the year, but you’re still waiting on your state refund.

It can take anywhere from a day (e-file) to more than 15 weeks (paper) to get a state refund, depending on what state you live in. Please refer to the table below to find your state’s refund timeframe.

How Long Will It Take To Get My State Tax Refund?

While there are a few exceptions, most states have state income taxes. If you are looking for information about your state income tax refund, use the chart below. It gives the average time it takes to get your refund processed in each state.

Also, if you click on the state’s name, you’ll find more detailed information about the state’s tax refund policies and timeframes. You’ll also find links to your state’s department of revenue web page and automated phone number. Those will be the best options to check the status of your refund.

For most states, you’ll need your social security number, the tax year and your expected refund amount to check your state refund status.

Chart of State Tax Refund Timelines

StateRefund Timeframe
AlabamaUp to 8 to 12 weeks
ArizonaUp to 10 days e-file, 12 weeks paper
ArkansasUp to 10 days e-file, 8 weeks paper
CaliforniaUp to 2 weeks e-file, 4 weeks paper
ColoradoUp to 60 days (fraud prevention creating delays)
ConnecticutUp to 4 days e-file, 10-12 weeks paper
DelawareUp to 4 to 12 weeks
District of Columbia (D.C.)Up to 14 days e-file, 6 weeks paper
GeorgiaUp to 90 days
HawaiiUp to 12 weeks e-file, 14 weeks paper
IdahoUp to 8 weeks e-file, 11 weeks paper
IllinoisUp to 10 weeks e-file, 15 weeks paper
IndianaUp to 3 weeks e-file, 12 weeks paper
IowaUp to 30-45 days
KansasUp to 14 days e-file, 20 weeks paper
KentuckyUp to 3 weeks e-file, 12 weeks paper
LouisianaUp to 60 days e-file, 14 weeks paper
MaineUp to 21 days e-file, “longer” for paper
Maryland“Usually” same day e-file, 30 days paper
MassachusettsUp to 6 weeks e-file, 10 weeks paper
MichiganUp to 4 weeks e-file, 8 weeks paper
MinnesotaUp to 72 hours e-file, 6 weeks paper
MississippiUp to 10 weeks
MissouriUp to 45 days
MontanaUp to 90 days
NebraskaUp to 30 days e-file, 90 days paper
New JerseyUp to 4 weeks e-file, 15 weeks paper
New MexicoUp to 8 weeks e-file, 12 weeks paper
New YorkUp to 14 days e-file, 8 weeks paper
North CarolinaUp to 6 weeks e-file, 12 weeks paper
North DakotaUpdated daily, sign up for email/text alerts
OhioUp to 15 days e-file, 10 weeks paper
OklahomaUp to 4 days e-file, 3 weeks paper
OregonUp to 10 days e-file, 12 weeks paper
PennsylvaniaUp to 10 weeks
Rhode IslandUp to 6 weeks
South CarolinaUp to 8 weeks
TennesseeNo state income tax
UtahUp to 120 days
VermontUp to 8 weeks e-file, 12 weeks paper
VirginiaUp to 72 hours e-file, 4 weeks paper
West VirginiaUp to 12 weeks
WisconsinUp to 3 weeks e-file, 12 weeks paper

If you’ve been waiting longer than the time noted above, visit your state’s tax website and follow the instructions to check on the status of your state refund.

Main Causes of a Delay In Your State Tax Refund

Although each state handles things a little differently, there are some common things that can delay your state tax refund. The main ones are:

  • If you file a paper return, it can greatly slow down the processing of your refund vs. filing electronically. To get your refund as soon as possible, you’ll want to file your state income tax return online.
  • Similarly, if you get your refund checked mailed to you, it will take longer to get your refund vs. if you choose direct deposit.
  • Any errors, incomplete information, adjustments, etc. on your return will usually cause delays.
  • Errors in your direct deposit information can cause issues that can delay things weeks or months. Be sure to double (if not triple!) check your banking information.
  • Complex returns that have multiple forms also tend to take longer to process.
  • Filing your return too late or too early

Also keep in mind that new state fraud prevention measures are leading to delays in some states.

Good luck!