Did you know that you can check the status of your Colorado State Tax Refund online? Yes, you can get instant updates regarding your state refund with just a few clicks. 

You don’t even need to log in or create an account! 

In this article, we will share with you how and where to get more information on your tax refund, what you can do to check for updates, and what may be causing the delays. 

Also, we cover information about the state income tax rates in Colorado.

Where’s My Refund CO?

If you have filed for your Colorado state tax refund and are wondering where your refund is, we have some information to help you out. 

Where to Check the Status of Your CO Tax Refund

Make sure you have a copy of your return on hand when checking the status of your refund. Or you can also use the Letter ID number from your recent income tax correspondence from the Department. 

This Letter ID will be sent to you after 7-10 days of filing your tax return. To check the status of your Colorado Tax Refund, you may visit their website at https://www.colorado.gov/revenueonline/_/#1

Enter the following information:

  • From the dropdown, select the account type
  • Next, select the account type from the dropdown
  • Then, enter your Social Security Number, or the ITIN
  • Enter the refund amount or the PIN/Letter ID

Then click the “Next” button to check your refund status. 

How to Contact the Colorado State Department of Revenue

Or you can also call the Colorado State Department of Revenue’s refund line at +1-303-238-7378. Taxpayer Service Representatives can be reached Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 4:30 PM.

Usually, if you file electronically, your refund will be available for up to 10 business days. On the other hand, if you filed a paper return, your refund will be available for up to thirty days.

What Can Cause a Delay In Your Colorado Tax Refund

If it takes a little while for your Colorado state tax refund, there may be some delays. So what causes a delay?

Well, there are a number of different reasons that could cause a delay in your Colorado state tax refunds. It may include some of the following, but are not limited to:

  • Not choosing direct deposit or providing the wrong direct deposit information
  • Mailing a paper return or check sent through mail
  • Especially for those who do their returns manually, it’s common for there to be some math errors on the return. They will definitely slow things down when it comes to processing your return.
  • The Colorado Department of Revenue may need to verify some of the information on your return. If this is the case, they may reach out to you to get some additional information, which means there will be a delay in getting your refund.
  • Taxpayers who have complicated returns with multiple types of tax forms may see a delay since it takes longer to go through your return. 
  • Another common reason for a delay is if there is missing information on your return and your form is not complete.

To get your refund faster, be sure that all of the details you entered in your filing are correct and complete. And make sure to submit your filing online and choose to get your refund deposited to your account instead. These will make the process faster and more convenient for you.

Should there be any delays with your Colorado state tax refund, just call the hotline number we have provided above or visit their website at https://tax.colorado.gov/

Tax Rates for Colorado

Colorado has a flat income tax rate of 4.40% for individuals. So no matter how much income you earn, that’s the rate you’ll pay. The rates are different for business taxes and sales taxes, however.

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