Every year, millions of US taxpayers have one burning question… where is my tax refund?

Whether it’s their state tax refund or their federal tax refund, people understandably want to know when they will get their money.

Helping them find that out is what WhereIsMyUSTaxRefund.com is about. Our site provides resources to help taxpayers understand how long it usually takes to get a refund, what issues can delay a refund as well as where to find out the latest on their federal or state income tax refund status.

We also provide resources to help taxpayers find out how they may be able to increase the size of their refund each year. For those of you who do your taxes yourself, we have articles that cover the most common questions people have about tax refunds.

If you’d like to get a tax professional to help you try to increase your refund each year, we have a free directory so you can find accountants and tax prep help near you.

We’re not selling tax software or accounting services. Our goal here is simply to help people find the information they need to get their tax refunds as quickly as possible. And we hope this site help you do just that!